Have A Question?

We have tried to answer the most common questions below but if you cannot find the answer below, please feel free to contact us.

We try to accommodate your schedule. Please call to schedule an appointment.

We request that you give a 24 hour notice, however you may call to see if there is an appointment available for the same day.

We request that you give at least a 24 hour cancellation notice in order to allow us to rebook your appointment and make that time available to accommodate another client.

No. Clients should undress to their level of comfort. Only the areas being worked on will be exposed during the massage. The reason for this is because clothing interrupts the flow of the massage treatment, and especially makes effective work on the hips more challenging. You should feel comfortable with your therapist, and their draping technique should keep you covered at all times.

This is a time for you to really relax into your body; a time of healing and rejuvenation. You are making time just for you to take care of yourself. The more you can surrender yourself to the experience, the more you will relax, and the more benefit you will gain. DO NOT HESITATE TO SPEAK UP IF THE PRESSURE IS TOO MUCH OR SOMETHING IS MAKING YOU UNCOMFORTABLE!

After your massage you should drink plenty of water to remove/flush toxins out of the body.

Every person is different but as often as possible! We have clients that see us once a week, others that see us every other week, some every three weeks, and some that see us once a month. How often depends your purpose, whether stress, or muscle therapy or health conditions. Please call us to discuss your personal needs.